Evolution of the Penis Bone


Where? 337 David Sacks LT, Rockefeller Building
When? Thursday 9th February, 6-7pm

Yes, you read that right – our next talk will be all about the long and short of the history and evolution of the penis bone. Bet you didn’t even know that it existed – in certain mammals, that is. And we’re making no bones about it (though you can expect a few bad puns 😉 ).

Our guest speaker is Matilda Brindle, an expert in the field of biological anthropology at UCL – and she will be here to explain how the most useful and diverse bone in the male primate body has adapted over time.

Her talk is entitled the ‘Battle of the Bacula: How the penis bone evolved in primates and carnivores’. It promises to be truly fascinating, if not weird and wonderful, and you will no doubt learn something new from it! You certainly will never look at the primate penis in the same way again.

Matilda has a wealth of knowledge to draw upon – she studied for her masters (distinction) in Human Evolution and Behaviour here at UCL after achieving a first class honours in Psychology from Goldsmith’s. She is a leading researcher in primate evolution – specifically the ‘baculum’ and how sexual selection has influenced its evolution. But we’ll leave the rest for Matilda to explain on Thursday!

So come along – it’d be a right ‘cock-up’ on your part to miss out on this talk! We can’t wait for it and we hope to see you there, if you’ve got the balls to show up! 🙂

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