Forensics: The Anatomy of A Crime


UCL Anatomy Society are proud to present a talk by our favourite anatomist, Dr Wendy Birch.

Dr Birch is a leading forensic anatomist and anthropologist at UCL, with interests in human and non-human anatomy, forensic osteology and archaeology. As she manages the UCL anatomy laboratory, she is a familiar face amongst students who take anatomy modules. Among other fascinating work investigating and identifying human remains, Dr Birch led the analysis of the human skeletal remains that were famously found buried under the UCL Quad in 2010!

Prepare to gain insight into some of Dr Birch’s most interesting forensic cases. This gripping event is one that you definitely do not want to miss!

*** Medical Anthropology iBSc Applicants *** write about this talk in your PERSONAL STATEMENT! This is a great way to show how you have gone beyond the curriculum to explore an area of medicine that you are curious about.

Check out our FB event page to register your interest and receive updates!!

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