Neuroanatomy revision course: demystifying brain anatomy


Is the thought of revising neuroanatomy making you feel brain fried? Struggling to get your head around neuroanatomy?

Join UCL Anatomy Society’s neuroanatomy revision tutorials, ran by our very own neuroanatomy pro Ahmad Ali (final year medic & soon-to-be doctor).

Come along to learn/revise neuroanatomy & pick up some tips/tricks to commit neuroanatomy to memory and pass exams with flying colours.

Dates & venues:
Part 1: 27th April, 5-7:45 pm @ Cruciform Building B404 – LT2
Part 2: 8th May, 5-6pm @ Chadwick Building B05 LT
Part 3: 9th May, 6-7pm @ Cruciform Building B404 – LT2

UCL Anatomy Society membership required!!

***Ideal for pre-clinical & clinical medical students and students doing anatomy/neuroanatomy modules***

See you there!! Check out the FB event page to receive updates and vote on the poll to choose the topics to be covered!!

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