Welcome Event #2: ‘Forensics: Anatomy of a Crime’ Talk by Dr Wendy Birch

No start of the academic year would be complete without our annual Forensics talk by UCL’s very own Dr Wendy Birch.

Interested in finding out more about a career in forensics? Want to see how anatomy can be applied in the real world? Or maybe you fancy yourself to be in the next CSI?!

UCL Anatomy Society welcomes you to the first talk of the year, and it promises to be a great one!

Dr Wendy Birch will be taking you on a journey through the most fascinating forensic cases she has encountered from her work. Her talk will give you a brilliant insight into what a career in forensics is like.

Dr Birch manages the anatomy lab and was recently voted ‘Anatomy Technician of the Year’. She has special academic interests in forensic osteology and archaeology along with her work as a forensics consultant.

This event is FREE to attend, so be sure not to miss out!

Date: Thursday 17th October
Time: 6-7pm
Place: TBC

Click ‘going’ on the FACEBOOK EVENT: 71094315_1196949743809742_4606244930518515712_nhttps://www.facebook.com/events/496239444549535/


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