Crossing Boundaries: Intersections between Anatomy & Art

As part of our Anatomical Art Exhibition event series, we are delighted to welcome Professor Roger Kneebone to provide us with a unique insight into the synergy between anatomical science and art.

Read more about our accomplished speaker from this article (yes, he’s a bit famous):

Prof Kneebone is the current Professor of Anatomy at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, and has had an illustrious and varied career.
He first trained as a Trauma Surgeon working in warzones of Southern Africa and in the UK, and later became a GP in Wiltshire. He is also an academic at Imperial College London, and directs the Centre for Engagement and Simulation Science.

With his passion for collaborative research at the intersections between disciplines, this will be a uniquely fascinating talk that will illustrate the continued relevance of anatomy in art.

All degrees welcome!

Date: Monday 2nd December 2019
Time: 6-7pm
Venue: B20 Jevons LT, Drayton House

Click ‘going’ on our Facebook event: 75553088_1230193733818676_6222935491918954496_o

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